Re: [idvusers] JAVA memory limit

Hi Ilan-

Levy,Ilan [Ontario] wrote:
Until recently I've used IDV with a max java memory of 1512mb. In one of the recent updates of IDV 2.7b2 (about a month ago) IDV failed
to start, until I reduced the max memory form 1512 to 1304mb
(jre\bin\java -Xmx1304m -Didv.enableStereo=false -jar idv.jar %*).
Trying to reinstall previouse versions of IDV did not help, so I guess
that there was some update to java.

1.5GB is the theoretical limit for Windows. The actual limit will depend on how your system is configured to use the physical memory.
We find that on some systems, it seems that the graphics card shares
portions of the system memory, so the amount you can commit to Java
is less than the theoretical limit. Also, it seems like the 1.6 update 13 version of Java has somehow lowered the theoretical limit. Others have noted problems as well. We had to move to that version because of security issues with previous versions of Java.

> Does anyone know how to overcome this issue?

Not offhand.

Also, is there no way to get beyond 1.5GB for java?

Only by running a 64 bit version of Windows.

I'm using Win XP SP2.

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