Re: [idvusers] IDV/Xvfb behavior

The situation I ran into was not a hardware issue, because I could run the .isl 
script at the console with no problem.  Only Xvfb would fail(with a segment 

My belief was that RedHat introduced a bug to xvfb when moving to RHEL5, since 
RHEL3 seemed to work fine.  I submitted this issue to RedHat, and was told that 
this would be fixed in RHEL 5.3.

I have not been able to test the 5.3 fix, however Matt makes it sounds as 
though it may still be an issue.  If you haven't upgraded to 5.3, please do so, 
and let us know how it goes.

RedHat technical support also suggested using a Virtual(XEN) machine to run IDV 
with the .isl script, until RHEL 5.3 was released.  Unfortunately the amount of 
time/effort required to convert our server to XEN is prohibitive.  It also 
seems like using and elephant gun to kill a flea.  I was going to wait until 
5.3 came out, but the xvfb problem has now become a low priority at our site.
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Integrated ATI ES1000.

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> Matt --
> What is the graphics card on your machine?
> tom
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