Re: [idvusers] Plugins not available..

Hi Remi-

Remi Montroty wrote:
I would like to give plugins a shot but I find that no plugin is listed in the plugin manager : it is litterally empty.
How can I troubleshoot this?

What version of the IDV are you running?  Are you connected to the
internet?  The list of plugins (and most of the plugins themselves)
are maintained on the Unidata web site so if you don't have the
machine networked, that could be why the widget is blank.

Also, is there a functional WMS server that I could use to test WMS functionality?

The most reliable server is the JPL On Earth server available
through the Catalog Chooser under the Web Map Servers entry.
KNMI has a server as well that seems to be pretty reliable.

Unfortunately, many WMS servers wax and wane and it is difficult
to keep the catalog up to date.  Just going through the current list,
it seems like many are no longer availble.  We'll prune these
out for the next release.

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