[idvusers] Some comments to IDV

To the IDV user/developer community,


During the last couple of days I have been trying to implement an interface
between our local data formats and the IDV for station time series, which
was not so easy. I was not able to find a working point or station
observation convention for IDV. Finally I succeeded by adopting the MIDAS
netCDF format, which does the job via a linked list construction, but not


I just wanted to encourage the IDV developer team to implement the latest
conventions, especially for point and station time series observations (
https://cf-pcmdi.llnl.gov/trac/wiki/PointObservationConventions) as soon as
possible. Is there a time aimed at for the next IDV release?


I think that IDV will fill a gap in our visualization software; so far we
had to create scripts or subroutines (Ferret, NCARG, GMT, etc. ) for each
individual application. If the visualization need is not something exotic,
IDV should be able to speed up the work a lot and help especially the ?non ?
programming? meteorologist to get want he needs, without going with his
request to a ?programming? colleague. I will have to see, how IDV is getting
acceptance among my collegues.


Just a suggestion: the interpolation from the station network to a grid with
the Barnes method yields rather strange fields in case of not so dense
station distributions, if the grid distance is in the range or lower than
the mean station distance. Maybe a simple IDW would yield more reasonable 2D
fields in such a case.  


All the best and with kind regards,


Helfried Scheifinger



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