Re: [idvusers] Netcdf to Point? daily data and lat/lon

The R statistics program ( in conjunction with the package "ncdf" can read and write netcdf files and convert to ascii, csv, etc. R is very useful for manipulating data files of all kinds.

#the following is an outline of how you might move data from netcdf to csv
#in the R language
nc<-open.ncdf("/path/") grid_1<-get.var.ncdf(nc,nc$var[[1]]) grid_2<-get.var.ncdf(nc,nc$var[[2]]) write.csv(grid_1,file="/path/grid_1.csv")
get.var.ncdf can be used to create subsets of the data (lat-lon) subsets at particular times, or time series at particular locations.

David Wethey

On Thu, 9 Apr 2009, Dimos wrote:

Hello IDV users,

This is my first message to this list; just a while ago I started using IDV, and I have just a short question (sorry if this is addressed already).

I need to export: - From Netcdf data files from my PC displayed in IDV. The files are multiyear daily simulations of EVAPORATION, TEMPERATURE, PRECIPITATION, etc. - To text, excell, ASCII or other format of point data. Each point exported, should have all lines of daily data (ex. Evaporation values) plus the lat lon information. (so each point contains temp. daily values from 1961-1990...)

If point data is not possible, then vector polygon or GRID formats would be fine, as long as each point carries all daily values.

Thanks! Dimos

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