[idvusers] viewing pixel values of images in IDV

I have AREA files of satellite imagery from the GOES imager and sounder. When I 
load the images in IDV I get a range of values from 3680-8000 (for Imager 
channel 2)and 8864-17184 (for channel 4 file). This is obviously not brightness 
temperature, but I can not find any clear documentation about what the units of 
these values are or how to convert them to brightness temperature. Can I do the 
conversion in IDV?

Also, is there a way to find individual pixel values? i.e. in AWIPS you can 
mouse over and image and a little tag pops up with the value of the pixel 
you're hovering over. Is there an analogous feature in IDV?

Thank you,
Caitlin Hart
SUNY Brockport Meteorology