[idvusers] IDV Community Resources

Greetings IDV users,

For a long time we have wanted to enable you the user community to share the work that you have done in the IDV with other users. Up until now we haven't had a good way to do that. However, that has changed. We'd like to announce the IDV Community Resources area on our new RAMADDA server:


RAMADDA is a new project at Unidata that provides a content management system and publishing platform for earth science related materials.

The IDV Resources area is intended to be a place for users to upload and share their IDV work (e.g., bundles, plugins, images, movies, etc) with other members of the community. A number of you have already provided us with bundles that others can use:


This area is now in the main IDV Catalog available through the Catalog Chooser under "Example Bundles from the Unidata RAMADDA Server"

We'd like to encourage you to share your work. There is an anonymous contributions area where you can upload bundles, plugins, color tables, jython, etc:

Please make sure to include your name and email in the description area when you upload IDV resources.

We have also created a "Publisher" IDV plugin that allows you to automatically publish products and bundles in the IDV directly to a RAMADDA server:

Note: There might be some issues running this plugin with the recent 2.6u2 release but it works well with the latest nightly build.

And of course you can always send us your contributions at support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We hope that this can become a valuable resource for the IDV community and we would appreciate your involvement in this effort.


The IDV development team
Jeff, Don and Yuan