Re: [idvusers] Plot isosurface with ascii file


Dear all,

I'm a neophyte who wants to use IDV to plot velocity isosurface in the mantle 
with tomographic results.
I have ascii data with columns of lat, lon, depth and velocity.
However, I couln't find information about how to convert ascii data to grid 
data (*.nc) to plot isosurface in userguide.
There is only practice to plot isosurface with preexisted grid data.

I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know how to plot isosurface with this kind of 
ascii data.
Thank you in advance.

One way is to use "UNAVCO's Interactive ASCII to NetCDF Data File Format Converter 
for 2D and 3D Gridded Data"

See also the web page "Using the NetCDF Data Format for Seismic Tomography",

and the general material "NetCDF Data for the GEON IDV"

You probably know about "Using the GEON IDV to Explore Seismic Tomography"

Stuart Wier


  Sung-Joon Chang
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