[idvusers] Netcdf Point data

Hi All-

We are looking at using a new API available in the recently
released netCDF-Java 4.0 release candidate to read in
point (surface) observations.  This new API (ucar.nc2.ft)
will supercede the old point data reading (ucar.nc2.dt) and
enable efficient access to data on remote servers.  It will
also support the proposed CF point observation conventions
once that is finalized.

Ideally, we'd like to swap out this new API for the old one
instead of supporting 2 different versions.  To do this without
breaking existing bundles or data sources, we need your help.

If you are using the IDV to read in point data (observations)
from netCDF files, please provide us links to some sample data
so we can make sure the new API will work.

If you have written code to subclass or change the
ucar.unidata.data.point.NetcdfPointDataSource class, please let us
know what you have changed, so we can see if this will affect


The IDV Developers