Re: [idvusers] Viewing multiple, time-dependent netCDF files

Unfortunately, this does not work with WRF files because the
time dimension is "Time" not "time".  However, you could write
your own NcML file like below, changing:




as Rich suggested.

At the point we create the NcML, we do not know what the time
dimension is called.  The "Aggregrate Grids by Time"
type was added to support GRIB data primarily which uses the
lowercase "time" as it's time coordinate.


Jeff McWhirter wrote:
I've recently begun to explore IDV in order to visualize WRF output and I have 
the same issue that Don Morton wrote about in 2006, which is that I'd like open 
multiple netCDF output files and be able to loop through them.  The solutions 
at the time were to use netCDF Markup Language aggregation or cat grib files.  
Has there been any work on using multiple netCDF output files in IDV or am I 
totally missing this advance?  Thanks.
Hi Mike,
If your files can be simply aggregated along the time dimension then you can just select multiple files in the File Chooser (shift-click) and then choose the Data Source Type "Aggregated Grid Files". The IDV will automatically internally generate the ncml file that Rich describes:

<netcdf xmlns="";>
         <aggregation dimName="time" type="joinExisting">
            <netcdf location="wrf_2008021300.grib"/>
            <netcdf location="wrf_2008021400.grib"/>

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