Re: [idvusers] Collaboration feature

In Training Workshop, I found IDV has collaboration feature. So i try the 
feature using the following commands, but there are nothing diffirent from 

Server: runIDV -server -port 8080

runIDV -connect -port 8080 is ip address of server.

Are there have some problem in the above commands?

The collaboration facility in the IDV was something we experimented with a long time ago. It actually worked but we never refined it. The idea was that two or more IDV users could share their respective state. When one user loaded a data source it would also get loaded in the other users session. When a display was created in one session it was also created in another. Even the navigation/zooming/panning etc in the 3D display could be shared.

We haven't done anything with this facility and it is probably pretty buggy.