Re: [idvusers] Generating constant pressure variables for IDV

Hi Eric-

Kemp, Eric M. wrote:
I am trying to interpolate variables from a WRF simulation to constant
pressure surfaces for used with IDV.  I know that WPP performs this function,
but the output is in GRIB format and I want to calculate some non-standard
variables.  So I'm trying to decide on the best course of action.

My questions:

1.  Can IDV be supplied with a user-defined GRIB table to properly decode
my non-standard variables?  If so, I may choose to edit the WPP program.
If not:

You can add in your own grib tables. Documentation on this is at:

2.  Can IDV read a netCDF file that contains data both in "WRF format" (with
data on model surfaces) as well as data on isobaric surfaces?  If so,
what is the procedure?  If not:

No, I doubt this would work.  We use the WRF netCDF spec to determine
the vertical and horizonatal coordinates.

3.  Should I write out the isobaric variable in a CF1 convention netCDF file?

You could do this and the IDV should be able to handle it.

Don Murray
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