Re: [idvusers] unstructured tetrahedral mesh

Hi Tim-

Tim Johnson wrote:
We are interested in using IDV to visualize results from 3D finite element models which are arranged on an unstructured tetrahedral mesh. We can't use netCDF to store the results and visualize with IDV because there is no standard for unstructured grids in netCDF. Has anyone out there used IDV to visualize data arranged on an unstructured mesh?
Thanks for any pointers.
Tim Johnson
Energy Resource Recovery and Management
Idaho National Laboratory

I don't know of anyone who has gotten this working.

The underlying VisAD data model has support for unstructured
grids so in theory, the IDV could use that at some point.
We have been waiting for a consensus to build on the netCDF
conventions for these grids, but that has been slow to

One could write a custom data source to read in these grids,
perhaps as a subclass of the GridDataSource and create the
necessary VisAD structures in there.  There might be
some substantial changes needed for the slicing and dicing
code that we use now for gridded data in the GridUtil
classes.  For the most part, these assume a GriddedXDSet
as the domain of the grid.  These would end up being
IrregularXDSets with a Delaunay class to define the structure.

If you'd like to tackle this and need some help, let us

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