Re: [idvusers] Plotting Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE)

Hi Hans

I Think yet of another problem. The MSG GRIB products are quite RAM hungry. Running an MPE as full-disk on my XP notebook with 2GB of RAM (i.e. 1GB reserved for IDV) drives the system right to the limit, i.e. sometimes I get no image. I do not have this problem on my çGB RAM Linux notebook where I can reserve 3.1GB for IDV. The solution with limited RAM is to spatially subset the data. Did you try that?


Hans Olandersson wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions, though the problem is still there.

Tyn: sorry but no, your link did not solve it, still no MPE data plotted.

HP: I am running the (almost) latest IDV version, i.e. v 2.6a3, August 17 build, so I 
would think it would have the latest updates to the GRIB tables included. And since IDV 
knows the correct Eumetsat assigned name for the data in the MPE GRIB file (i.e. 
"Instantaneous Rain Rate") it would seem IDV's GRIB tables know about this type 
of data.

Does anyone know if IDV is supposed to handle this type of data by default, or 
if I need to manually add something for this to work?

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