Re: [idvusers] Plotting Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE)

Hi Tyn and Hans

It also work for me. Hans, what version of IDV are you running? Should be at least 2.5.

However, both of you be careful about the navigation. I have not checked it with the MPE product but with CLAI (easier because you see often the land/sea mask). E.G. over the Spanish coast I get a displacement of some 50km N-S and E-W. Over the African ITCZ the rrror is much less. Work is ongoing to care for the disagreement.

Cheers, HP

Valentijn Venus wrote:
Hi Hans,

It is working for me, at least the MSG-9 MPE displays properly.

Maybe you have to launch an IDV that has all the grib-tables in the
resource path....

Try this Webstart jnlp

Cheers, Tyn

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I am trying to get IDV to plot Meteosat Multi-Sensor Precipitation
Estimate (MPE) data, available at the Eumetsat web site
( in GRIB2 format.

It seems IDV recognizes what the files contain, though it is not
successful in plotting the actual data, i.e. no data is ever plotted.


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