Re: [idvusers] grib1 files/ dead documentation link

Hi Daniel-

Daniel Brewer wrote:
I have been trying to display a grib1 file that shows the probability of qpf >= .1" . IDV won't display this because it seems to think I am trying to display zonal gravity wave stress so there must be something wrong with my parameter table?

I would guess  it's looking at the wrong table or we have an incorrect
entry in there.

I've looked in the IDV help guide (7.4.3) to try to "add new GRIB tables", but there is a dead link to the documentation on parameter tables.

Thanks for letting us know.  I fixed the links.

Is adding new GRIB tables what I should be looking to do? If so, is there any information on creating GRIB tables?

The fixed link has information on the format of the table.

If you send a sample grib file to support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
I'll take a look to see if our table is bad, or if we need
a new table.

BTW, are you running the latest (2.5) version of the IDV?

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