Re: [idvusers] vsi5d files

Hi Ken-

Ken Coyle wrote:
I have the following question:

I am attempting to load a vis5d file to IDV. Using the dashboard, I go to dashboard, select the file and vis5d file type but get the message "Data object not compatible with the vis5d data family". Nevertheless, the file runs fine in the vis5d+-1.3.0-beta version for 64 bit. The file was created using the append utility in vis5d to append many small v5d files into one large one. Does anyone know why IDV cannot read this file and how to correct the problem? Thanks.

Can you provide a sample file support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?  If it's
large, please place it on a web or FTP server so I can download it.

I'm not sure what the append utility does to the internal file
structure, but apparently the Vis5D adapter that the IDV uses doesn't
like it.


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