[idvusers] Strange IDV/Xvfb behavior

I've recently installed a RHEL5 system, and copied all of our .ISL scripts from 
a RHEL3 machine, to run them on our RHEL5 machine.

For some strange reason, the .ISL scripts terminate IDV if I run them in an 
Xvfb session, and the Xvfb session dies in Segmentation fault.

The exact same script works fine in Xvfb on our RHEL3 machine, and the script 
even works fine if run from the console of our RHEL5 machine, but for some 
strange reason the script doesn't run correctly on our new machine thru Xvfb.

I'm at a loss as to why Xvfb goes into Segment fault.  I've tried every 
combination of resolution/depth I could think of, but they all seem to segment 
fault the Xvfb server.

I tried the most suggested resolution&depth (1280x1024x24), and ran the .ISL 
script from another terminal.  Using xwud, I can see that IDV starts, and 
creates the image properly, but it seems to crash when it tries to write the 
output to a .PNG file.

IDV reports no error, only Xvfb dies on a Segmentation fault.

I can run other Xwindows applications (albeit simple) like xeyes, with no 
problem on Xvfb.

Samuel M. Zehel Jnr
Applications Programmer I
California University of Pennsylvania
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California PA 15419

Office: Eberly Science 271