Re: [idvusers] days/year in IDV

Hi Sorin-

Sorin Cheval wrote:
 > I have a problem regarding the visualization of HADCM3_SRA2_1_N_tas
in IDV. The problem is on the time range: HADCM3_SRA2_1_N_tas is
supposed to range from Jan 2001 to 2100, but in IDV my data starts
with June 1999. The same in ArcGIS. The HADCM3_SRA2_1_N_tas uses 360
days/year, but I don't know how to "tell" this to IDV. I would
appreciate any suggestion.

Thank you, Sorin Cheval

Right now the IDV only handles "real" calendars so it assumes
that each year has 365 days.

What is this dataset.  Is there a place we can get a sample?

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