[idvusers] Plotting with two different vertical scales

Hi, I don't think this is possible so this is a feature request really.

I like to plot pressure surface topography (e.g. 500 hPa GPHs), and
change the vertical scale to some like 5000 m at bottom to 6000 m at
top to exaggerate the vertical and bring out the topography of the
pressure surface. However if I plot another 3D isosurface, e.g.
windspeed, the isosurface is of course stretched enormously in the

What I'd like to be able to do is plot a second parameter on a
different vertical scale.

Granted that would be meteorologically somewhat misleading, as the
resulting visualisation would no longer be strictly true to the actual
state of the atmosphere (it would be mixing levels), but it would
enable me to produce more educational images (I use the IDV mainly for
illustrating synoptic events on a blog).

Dan Grey