[idvusers] 20080508: IDV 2.5 available for download


Version 2.5 of the Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) is available
for download at:


This is primarily a maintenance/bugfix release.

The main new feature in this release is the chooser for
remote access to the NEXRAD Level II data on a THREDDS
Data Server (TDS).  Please see the Release Notes:


for more information.

Please note that there will be some important changes
in the next release.  For that release, we will switch to
the use of version 4 of the netCDF-Java library.  This new
library will provide preliminary support for data stored
in HDF 4 and 5 files.  We will also require Java 6 (JDK 1.6)
which has been available on most platforms for 2 years.
The date for the next official release has not been set but
we will be incorporating these features into the nightly
build over the next few months.

If you have any questions, please contact the IDV support
team at support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The IDV Developers