[idvusers] follow up to previous mail: Netcdf grids and Contour2DdDisplayable

To update my previous mail about using a Contour2DDisplayable object and a GeoGrid from a nc file, I have discovered something odd. I printed out the domain and range values of the FlatField i am using for the Displayable. the domain has X and Y values as I expected, but the range values are off.

Given that I do this:

        GeoGridAdapter gga = new GeoGridAdapter( ggds, gg,
                                                 "surface_temperature" );
        FieldImpl fi = gga.getData();

I expected my flatfield to have values from the surface_temperature variable. However I am seeing values from some other variable, and from within the middle of the grid of data too.

It's as though the netcdf offset logic is awry.

Or maybe I am using the classes wrong.

Anyway, the Contour2Ddisplayable is handling the map projection from X, Y in the grid to lat, lon, so it is not that that is the issue, as I previously thought.