Re: [idvusers] reading model grids from nc files

Hi Stuart....

If the GeoGrid is "ucar.nc2.dataset.grid.GeoGrid", then there is a
method, getCoordinateSystem() which returns a "GridCoordSys" object.
There are methods in there for getting a lat/lon bounding box, and


Hope that's what you are looking for....??


On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 3:58 PM, Stuart Maclean
<stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a GeoGrid object, derived from a nc file of  a model run.
>  using the cf1.0 conventions, the nc file describes say a lambert
>  projection.    The math type of my data may then be
>  (Time -> ((XC[unit:km], YC[unit:km]) -> surface_temperature[unit:Pa]))
>  I am now trying to convert the x,y grid 'points' back to lat,lon,
>  since I need to produce a bounding box of the data according to some
>  other projection.
>  I cannot see how to proceed.  is helpful at all?
>  I could always open the nc file manually, figure out the projection
>  and Y, X variable values and convert all values to reference lat,lon,
>  but I was hoping that this be done already in the IDV classes.
>  Any help appreciated
>  Stuart
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