Re: [idvusers] http based .nc retrieval issue in IDV 2.4

Hi Jeff, yes that solved it, thank you.

I should have pointed out that my older config was using standalone Tomcat. Our web server changed to Apache with Tomcat behind it (using mod_jk for comms). I added this

<Location "/uwme/netcdf/*">
  Header set Accept-Ranges bytes

to my jk.conf file and bounced Apache and IDV loaded the nc file over http just great.

I actually was a bit puzzled that, even though I 'forward' all requests matching a certain url pattern, in my case '/uwme/*" over to Tomcat, I still needed the Apache tweak above. Perhaps Tomcat was generating the header but then Apache was dropping it?

Thanks again


On Mar 17, 2008, at 3:33 PM, Jeff McWhirter wrote:

Hi Stuart,

In the past I have used IDV to load and view data from a netcdf file (CF-compliant) accessed over http (I use Tomcat as the web server, not that that should matter). this is NOT an opendap server in any way.

Now, in IDV 2.4, this is failing.  I get this error: Server does not support byte Ranges
This is probably a http server configuration. To access netcdf files via http you need to have byte ranges turned on on your server: