[idvusers] Fwd: Antarctic weather data in IDV...

(forwarded to the list for Matthew Lazzara)


 Hello!  It has recently come to my attention that you know of an Geon
 IDV user who is looking into weather data sources over the Antarctic.

 Our group is funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programs providing
 such data to the community.  We are not yet IDV users, but do offer a
 fair bit of data via McIDAS ADDE of which many can be read into IDV.
 There are several sources of data (our Antarctic satellite composites
 are our trademark, along with other observations - radiosonde,
 synoptics, METAR, etc., and especially our network of Automatic
 Weather Stations, etc.) that will work with IDV.  Additionally, we
 are running an "IDD" for Antarctica - the Antarctic-IDD which uses
 Unidata's LDM to provide a variety of meteorology data - model
 output, satellite imagery, observations, etc.

 Please see:


 Please have your Geon IDV user get in touch with me anytime and we'll
 gladly assist as best as we can.  I have used IDV some, but notice
 that is has some limits - some things are not yet programmed yet into
 it for capabilities, but we would be most curious to know what the
 needs are of those interested.

 Thank you!


 Matthew Lazzara -Meteorologist- Antarctic Meteorological Research Center
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Tom Whittaker
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