Re: [idvusers] Antarctica weather data in IDV

I don't have a working install of IDV in front of me right now, but...

There are standard synoptic obs for many stations in Antarctica.  There are 
also METAR obs while aircraft activities are occurring (mainly NZSP and 
NZIR/NZWD).  Any standard decode of global synoptic and/or METAR should work in 
IDV for Antarctica.  Since the UW-SSEC Automated stations are available via 
ADDE, in theory you could display those as well.

Any locally decoded GEMPAK grid of the 0.5x0.5 deg or 1x1 deg global GFS or a 
GEMPAK grid on a THREDDS server will display forecast data for Antarctica.  
Surprisingly enough the GFS doesn't do a half bad job for the Ice.  Of course 
you would need the latest release of IDV to support GEMPAK grid files.

The AMPS MM5 and WRF output can also be decoded into a GEMPAK grid file and 
should be viewable in IDV as well.  

Robert Mullenax
CSBF Meteorology

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A Geon IDV user has asked me about using the IDV to show weather observations 
and forecast model output over Antarctica.

If you know of sources of such data that can be used in the IDV, please send me 
word. I understand this will be used to
support the NSF Office of Polar Programs (

Stuart Wier

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