Re: [idvusers] standard_name for unsupported coefficients, variables, etc

At this point, the IDV doesn't use the standard names except for
determining the coordinate axes.  In general, we just use the
variable name and the long_name for the description that gets
displayed in the field selector.  If there is no long_name attribute,
we use the standard_name if it exists for the description.
The alias mechanism only uses the variable name since that is
what really defines the variable.


Tom Whittaker wrote:
Hi Mike -- assuming no one else got back with you about this.  As far
as I know the only "critical" issues as far as the IDV recognizing
your CF-compliant file is that you use standard names for the
locations (lat, lon, etc).  The names for parameters are not that
important unless you want the IDV to automatically recognize them and
provide "derived" formulae (like for wind vectors).  I believe you can
use the parameter alias feature to accomodate that, however.  One
thing I will say, though, is that units are critical....

Others can jump in on this, and I believe Don gets back from his trip
this he can set me straight, too....


On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Michael Herman <mherman@xxxxxxx> wrote:

   I am adding CF-compliant variable attributes to model output netCDF files. 
One trouble I am having is that the model contains some values that don't seem 
to have CF convention standard names. Is there a default value I can give to 
these standard name attributes, just so that IDV will accept the file? I 
realize there is a process for suggesting new standard names, but I wonder if 
there is a workaround for this.

   -Mike Herman
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