Re: [idvusers] HOW TO : Plot views across the prime meridian using IDV

Hi Ian-

webmaster-IWC wrote:
I tried nightly bulid and works ok with Europe projection. But the world
map still has problems. See attached

This is a known problem with color filled contours and listed
obscurely under the Know Problems:

Problem: Incorrect data display
Description: Sometimes data depictions display incorrectly or not at all when re-projected from native data projections. They should always display correctly in their naive projections. Before you display the data, choose the Projections->Auto-Set Projection menu. Alternatively, you can try turning on Fast Rendering for the display which does not account for projection seams.

At least now there's no gap between the last point and the prime
meridian. ;-)

The problem with the color filled contours is that the code to
handle projections seams was never implemented for that case.
It does display regular contours and color shaded plots okay
if Fast Rendering is turned off.  Color filled contours will work
correctly in the native grid projection as well.

Implementing this for the color filled contours is on the
VisAD TODO list, but so far no one has worked on it.

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