Re: [idvusers] Plotting views across the prime meridian using IDD GFS

Hi Dan,
I have not worked out how to directly reply to your question on the
forum, so I have done it this way.
I have had the same problem and I know the cause and a possible
solution, but the solution requires creating a regional subset of the
grib or NetCDF file.
The problem lies with the grib file starting from 0 - 359 and IDV not
able to join the two halves of the map together. If you can create the
grib file to start from -60 to 60 then this draws this Ok.
This was not a problem as software is available for grib 1 products to
create regional subsets is available, but the NCEP will be switching to
grib2 and that's where the my problem is.
Where I used to used GGRIB to create sub regions, this will not work for
grib2 products.
So if any programmers read this, I am in desperate need of a program
which will create sub regions of grib2 products complied for windows XP.
Ian Gooch



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