[idvusers] Plotting views across the prime meridian using IDD GFS


I'm making charts using the IDV catalog->Unidata
IDD->UCAR->GFS->Global 0.5 deg data source. The problem I'm running
into is that I live in the UK and want to make charts that cross the
prime meridian. I have tried:

*Trying to drag a Field Selector Region selection box across the meridian
*Setting specific lat/longs in the Spacial Subset tab of the Properties dialog
*Trying to create two views side-by-side either side of the prime meridian

Is it possible to chart across the prime meridian with this data
source? If so, how? Previously I have used subsetted GRIBs from the
Nomads servers but that method is more labour intensive (especially
for creating animations) and the Nomad servers have been very
unreliable lately.


Dan Grey