Re: [idvusers] Help with structure

Hi Ben...

First, I have to ask what you would like to do with the data in
Jython.   The reason I ask is that if, for example you want to
multiple each data value by 2, you would just say "x * 2" where 'x' is
the variable name associated with the entire data object.

Not knowing what you want to do, let me start at the basic level:  if
you create a Jython method in the User Library, like this:

def mything(x):
  return x * 2.0

Then you would create a "Formula" that would call this method
(function).   For example, it might be:


  YOu would then use the Chooser to get a reference to your data, then
in the Field Selector, choose your formula and the desired display
type (be sure when you create your formula that you select appropriate
display types...).   When you Create Display, then a dialog pops up
asking what "mydata" is -- pick your data and when you do, the formula
will call the "mything" method and then attempt to display the
returned value.

Also....please, if you find help pages with "wrong" info, send a note
into "support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" and let them know -- that's how
things get fixed...


On Dec 20, 2007 2:49 PM, Ben Kamen <bkamen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So if IDV tells me my data structure looks like this:
> (Time -> ((Range, Azimuth) -> Reflectivity))
> How do I access this in Jython?
> (the tutorials online have been lacking in how to access such an array)
> Too many pages with the wrong info.
> Frustrating.
> Thanks,
>  -Ben
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