Re: [idvusers] Help with Averaging NexRad scans over time.

Don Murray wrote:

We have been tied up with a training session for the past 2 weeks
and have been slower than usual to answer our support questions.
Sorry for the delay in responding.

Tom's suggestions are good, but Level II data poses a problem
when trying to do math on single levels.  The radials may not
have the same structure in each elevation scan and can vary
for the same scan from time  to time.  So one scan might
start at azimuth 170 degrees, but the next might start at
176.  This makes resampling to a common grid problematic and
I would not guarantee the results.  Currently we do not have
a method of normalizing the grids for single sweeps.  We do
normalize for creating isosurfaces because we need the same
structure from level to level.

I replied to Tom (and not the list - oops), so let me elaborate to the list
again perhaps with some better information as to what I'm doing.

I'm picking several L2 scan files. They are from the same site (in my case KCXX)
but say, 23:06 today, 23:09 tomorrow and 23:05 from the monday of the following week.
From there, I create a 2D display using only the 0.5' scans. Great so far.

What I'd like to do now is take these 3 scans and create another display that uses the average of the 3 together (might be 5 or 7 or 4, but the procedure stays the same)
and then presents that in a standard display.

make sense?

Thanks everyone for the help... IDV is still very new to me.


fn:Ben Kamen
title:Electronics/Systems Design Engineer