Re: [idvusers] Help with Averaging NexRad scans over time.


(You might need 2.3B and/or the nightly for this....)

It might depend on whether your data (time periods) are in different
files.  If in one file, look in the Jython library, System "grid
routines" is a method (function) called "averageOverTime()".

If your data are in different files (one for each time), perhaps you
would need to write your own Jython routine to do the
averaging...perhaps something like this:

def makeAverage(g):
   sum = 0.0
   for (k in g):
      sum = k + sum
   sum = sum / len(g)
   return sum

And then invoke this with a formula you create like:
so that it asks you for each data set (time).

Since I do not have any Level II data to try this on, I can't tell you
if the first idea is directly applicable....or if the second one might
work, but it's worth a shot.


On Dec 5, 2007 10:59 PM, Ben Kamen <bkamen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ben Kamen wrote:
> >
> >
> > I need a little direction in how I can accomplish selecting multiple NexRad
> > Level-II scans (single or multiple elevation angles) and average them all
> > together into a single display that shows me Average dBz over the multiple
> > scans provided.
> >
> > I feel like this is a jython script, but am not finding any reference
> > material
> > to help me accomplish the "time" part of the procedure..
> >
> Anyone? Little help? (kinda like the time/series probe but for a whole scan)
>   -Ben
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