Re: [idvusers] Problem using NARR-A as aggregated GRIB files in IDV

Hi Tim-

Tim Axelrod wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried it, with partial success. After selecting the miscellaneous/make a time sequence formula, the display options include "image display". If I pick this, then select the individual grids, I always get zeros for the images. The "value plots" and "data transect" work OK, but they're not really the displays I'm looking for. Have I hit a bug, or is there something I'm not understanding about the image display?

Oops, that's a bug.  It should show all the Plan Views, not
just the Value Plots.  I'm surprised that the Image Display
doesn't work because it's just a variation on the Color Shaded Plan View. As a workaround, select the Miscellaneous->Any Field formula,
choose one of the Plan View Displays, and when prompted for the
field, select the "Make a time sequence...." formula.  You can
use Any Field to get at displays that might not be defined for
the particular formula categorization.

I'll fix the formula in a couple of days (I'm in a meeting today).

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