Re: [idvusers] grouping netCDF files

Hi Paul-

Paul Nutter wrote:
Although I cannot answer this question, I would like to indicate that we've had the same question when attempting to construct loops of 00-hr NARR files in grib format, where each new analysis is stored in an individual file.

The problem is with knowing automatically the variable you want
to aggregate on.  Right now, the IDV is set up to use the Time
variable which is what GRIB files give us.

If you can provide some sample files, I can help you generate a
manual NcML file until we can figure out a way to make a wizard
that will allow you to provide the needed information.  Send the
files to support-idv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (or  a message with a
pointer to them).

Don Murray

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Hi All,
We have several data coming to our servers in netCDF format. I am able to use IDV to display each of these files if I load them individually, but this isn’t very useful to create loops since each file represents a different time. Does anyone know how to group multiple netCDF files and display them as a single data source? -------------------------
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