Re: Here's a good one for you...

Hi Bruce,
We have a project that's mostly wrapped up called Origami. I think I've mentioned it before but here's a re-cap: Essentially you go to a web-page, search for data, fill out a form indicating what you want to do with the data, and then submit it to the processing cluster via XML RPC. You get notified when the job is done (RPC again) and goto the status page and launch IDV/McV via a dynamically created JNLP link and kablam! it's all set with the data already loaded via OPeNDAP and you're all ready to go.

What I want to do is take the functionality of the webpage and be able to do all of that right from McV. I'm not looking for something polished and production ready, quick and dirty is fine, just something that could be end-to-end right from the application ... find data - fire off job - wait - view data.

*Disclaimer: I'm not exactly familiar with OPeNDAP or Origami.*

You've probably already rejected this line of thought, but what you're describing sounds pretty similar to an IDV/McV bundle or plugin. What if you added the capability on the Origami end to generate a bundle instead of a JNLP, and made the chooser you talked about invoke the bundle/plugin loading functionality already in IDV?