Restructuring the adde choosers

With the work we've been doing with SSEC around the addeservers xml we also finally took the plunge to clean up the adde choosers. If you don't have any code that depends on the old ucar.unidata.ui Adde choosers (e.g., ucar.unidata.ui.imagery.AddeImageChooser, ucar.unidata.ui.point.AddePointDataChooser, etc.)
then just ignore this email.

We used to have the structure:

Each of these had a corresponding chooser wrapper :

And it was a real mess to deal with so I have now refactored and moved all of the Adde choosers into:

I have stubbed out the old ucar.unidata.idv.chooser.ImageChooser, chooser.RadarChooser, etc., wrapper classes so any choosers defined in a choosers.xml file (e.g., ucar.unidata.chooser.ImageChooser) should still work
as before.

However, I did not stub out the unidata.ui.Adde classes. It was too much of a mess to do that since I also changed the constructors. What this means: If you do not have any code that used the old chooser classes then everything should work just fine.

If you have code that uses the old choosers then you need to change your imports to point to the new package:

The constructors of the Adde choosers (e.g., AddeImageChooser, AddeRadarChooser, etc.) now just look like the
constructors of the normal choosers, i.e., :
AddeImageChooser(IdvChooserManager chooserManager, Element choosersXmlNode)

Sorry for any inconvenience but this really needed to get done.