Dashboard XMLUi

Hi Jeff,

The XMLUi code for the dashboard worked well for some of the changes that we wanted to make to the dashboard. Essentially we're experimenting with making the dashboard more dialog like rather than an application window. So we've eliminated the redundant application menu, status bar and toolbar.

The recent changes, however, seem to have broken some of the interaction with the preferences. For example, if I start IDV and got to 'Edit > Preferences > General' and uncheck all the dashboard tabs except 'Field Selector' and close and re-open the dashboard the menu that I took out of dashboard.xml re-appears and a close button appears on the bottom of the window. ?? I'm not really sure where they came from because they're not in dashboard.xml.

Also, when I close the dashboard after having applied the preferences and re-open it it displays with the additional menu and button as above. If I then close and re-open it again via the 'Data > Show Dashboard' menu it comes up with all the tabs again, ignoring the preferences.

Closing and re-opening also causes the window close button to stop working.

More and more I find myself leaning towards making such changes in code rather than in xml skins. It seems that code is a much less convoluted method for the level of control required to implement some of the changes we require.

Overall it seems that control and clarity of code trump the customizability of the skins. And I'm a little worried about getting too skin-able, skinning ourselves right out of both maintainability and usability.