Example NetCDF file without lon,lat that works with IDV


Following up on the helpful input from Don & Stuart, I've posted a sample
NetCDF file that has no longitude or latitude variables that is still
readable in IDV (and the NetCDF/Java library):


To create it, I just took a file that Don gave me a while ago and
removed the lon,lat variables to prove that it worked.

A small bundle that shows that IDV can read this file is at:


NOTE:  This file has another interesting characteristic:  the vertical
coordinate is 4D, varying in both x,y,z and time, so is specified
explicitly.   CF doesn't have a convention for this, but the Unidata
Common Data Model does.  Scroll to the bottom of this page:


to see the technical specification for "explicit_field", and then look
at the file above to see it in action.

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