WRF grib2 data

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I assume this may be a newbie question but I have checked the user manual, 
tutorial and scanned archives but have not run across an answer. How does 
one 'catalog' or group gridded data files together. I am trying to create 
animation sequences of WRF gridded fields from a locally run model. When I 
use the data chooser to select a group of WRF output files which are 
timestepped files (either netCDF or grib2), I cannot group them in order 
to create a display based upon a selected field of multiple times. I have 
tried this with cataloged data sources and it works fine (what are the 
details of gridded  catalog sources such as NCEP NAM 12km). I have also 
tried to manually create a display out for each time which I can see in 
the dashboard but the display visual does not change even though the files 
appear to be sequencing.  Any help of pointers to such information is 
Thank You

Anthony P. Praino
ACTC/Deep Computing Systems
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
914-945-1953 (office) 
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