Re: Problems with polar-stereographic 3d files

Hi Heiko-

Heiko Klein wrote:
thanks a lot. With the new nightly version I'm able to get nice vertical cross-sections. The alps where correctly positioned and the values seems okay.

Glad this is working for you now.   It was just a stupid programming
mistake.  The fix I put in should also make it faster to switch

The automatical selection of the projection still doesn't work with the 3d fields, and the grid-cells are placed according to their lat lon points in the default (mercator?) grid instead of in the polar-stereographic grid. I have to manually select the projection of one of the 2d fields to get my projection.

As I mentioned in the previous e-mail, it's the nature of trying to
have a relationship between sigma and altitude.  In the process, the
projection information is lost and all we are left with is the lat/lon
points.  I don't have a solution for this, but will keep pondering on a
way to do it.

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