RE: Displaying WRF output in IDV

Hi John and Socorro,

The WRF-POST for NMM generates 3-D fields on isobaric pressure levels (for
example see the file downloadable at:

The LEAD project maintains a catalog of these type of files found at:

I believe that the ARW-POST does the same thing, but am not sure about that.

I hope this helps,

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> Hi Socorro:
> AFAIU, standard WRF netcdf output is incomplete in some ways, and the WRF
> postprocessor adds the missing info and converts to GRIB. So until we can
> improve the netcdf output, it seems that the GRIB output may be preferred.
> Which BTW, the IDV should be able to read just fine.
> Having said that, Im not positive that translating sigma-to-height is one
> if the missing pieces. A sample CF file using sigma coordinates that I
> think works in the IDV is
> John
> Socorro Medina wrote:
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> > Hello All,
> >
> > I'm new to IDV and I'm trying to display WRF output.  The file that I
> > have is in netcdf format. The vertical coordinates of the output are
> > sigma-coordinates. I'm able to display plan-views OK, however I'm not
> > able to make vertical cross-sections. I think that it may be because the
> > file is not properly telling IDV how to go from sigma coordinates to
> > height coordinates. I was wondering if anybody have had this problem
> > before and/or if anybody has a sample netcdf file in sigma coordinates
> > of which IDV is able to correctly display vertical cross-section in
> > height coordinates.
> >
> > Thank you,
> > Socorro Medina
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