Re: HDF 5

After loading the file in the IDV, I can list out the metadata, for example::

  Group Geo-Location {
      Structure {
        int Scan_Line_Number;
          :_unsigned = "true";
        int Pixel_Number;
          :_unsigned = "true";
        double Longitude(in_degrees);
        double Latitude(in_degrees);
      } Scan_LinePixelLongitudeLatitude_Data(TIR_and_WV)(5763);
          :_LastModified = "2007-03-21T09:11:20Z";

  Group VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR) {
      short VHRR_TIR__Band_Image_Data(1560, 1676);
        :_LastModified = "2007-03-21T09:11:11Z";
        :_unsigned = "true";

    VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Image_Height(Scan_Lines) = 1560; // int
    VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Image_Width(Pixels) = 1676; // int
VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):ImagePixelSize(Bytes_Per_Pixel) = 2; // int
    VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Valid_Bits_Per_Pixel = 10; // int
VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Nominal_X_Resolution(km) = 8.0; // double VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Nominal_Y_Resolution(km) = 8.0; // double
    VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):X_Resolution(km) = 8.0; // double
    VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Y_Resolution(km) = 8.0; // double
VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Spectral_Resolution(Wavelength_Range_in_Micron) = 10.5f, 12.5f; // float
    VHRR_Thermal_Infrared_Band(TIR):Number_of_Detectors = 1; // int
Tom Whittaker wrote:

Why are you still using 2.0?  Seriously, the netcdf library has
changed a lot since the
one that was included with IDV 2.0...


Seriously, if you get nothing in the "field selector" then the
structure of your file is
non-conforming and cannot be deduced, and there is nothing in the IDV
yet that I
know of that allows you to manually "match this file field to lat,
this one to lon,
and this one to my values".

Did you try to look at the file in the NetCDF Tools?  If so, do you
see fields therein?


On 3/21/07, Dave Santek <dave.santek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have an HDF-5 file I'm trying to read with IDV 2.0, but I don't see
HDF as an option in the File Type in the Data Chooser. I select 'netCDF'
as the file type, but nothing shows up to display in the Field Selector.
When I look at the properties of the file, it looks like the header is
successfully read in. The data is a satellite image.