Re: Summing formula

Hi Scott....

The IDV formulas are ideal for this.  If you're not familiar, let me
suggest this.

1. Create a small Jython script in the "User Library"
(Edit->Formulas->Jython LIbrary).  If you're
   no familiar with Python syntax, just note that the number of
spaces (indents) on a line
   are important since they determine the blocks in the code.  Here's
my suggestion:

def addEmUp(g, n):
 a = 0
 for k in range(int(n)):
   a = getNthTimeGrid(g, k) + a
 return a

    Don't forget to "File->Save" the library.

2. Then create a formula to call this.  For example:
        Name = Add times
        Formula =  addEmUp(grid, user_NumbTimes)

    In the "Advanced" section, I would recommend enabling only the
Displays relevant to your data (for example, Controur Plan View).

Then use the Chooser to get pointed to your grids, and in the Field
Selector, pick your formula.  A small window will appear asking you
for the value of "NumbTimes".  Enter a number.  Then you'll be asked
to select from the usual list of grids -- pick the one your interested

By the way, the "getNthTimeGrid()" is a method defined in the "System
Jython library" -- lots of other goodies in there as well!

Hope this gets you going!!


On 3/6/07, Scott.Stephens <Scott.Stephens@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


 Has a sum function been built for IDV? I would like to generate precip
totals for varying time intervals, (e.g. total model QPF for a model's run
time, etc), but can't figure out the best way to generate the desired output
using multiple forecast hours.

 Thanks for your time,

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