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Hi Robert

I am regularly usig ECMWF grib data from their archive called MARS. I must say however, that I am priviliged user and have access to the full archive, and to the operational model in particular :-) Working with ECMWF data I observed that IDV only reads grib2 data sets. ECMWF's grib1 dialect is not understood by IDV - and this might be the root problem. Publicly available data (being mainly re-processed data sets from projects and not "real-time" data from the operational models) is most probably always grib1, whereas forecasts and analyses from the operational model are in grib2. But you might try harder and search whether ECMWF offers also some publicly available data sets in grib2. I have not already done it go to services/archive on and/or ask directly at mars@xxxxxxxxx

Chees, HP

Robert Reed wrote:
Does anyone know where I could download ukmet and ecmwf grib datasets
for use in the IDV?

I appreciate the parameters are very limited when it comes to
publically available grib datasets from the European nwp.

The only ones I`ve found have a wierd prefix at the end, and besides
IDV doesn`t like them.

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