Re: Launching IDV from command line

Park Taezoon wrote:
> Dear all,
> I would like to launch IDV from the command line with specified data
> to display it. The data is served by THREDDS server, so I would like
> to point the URL address for the data.
> I've tried to launch it by the following command
> java -Xmx1300m -jar idv.jar -data
> but IDV does not display the data. Instead, it just reads the data as
> a binary. Is there any way that I can specify the data type and how
> the data is visualized from the command line?
First, you need to tell the idv what kind of data is the url. You can do
this through an undocumented feature of the -data argument
by adding a "type:<the data source type:..." before the url:
idv -data

The data source types are those listed in the isl documentation:

Now, you can also tell the idv to create a display for whatever data is
loaded with the -display argument:

idv -data
-display Reflectivity radarsweep2d

This takes two arguments. The first is the name of the field in the data
source. The second is the type of display, listed here:

Or, you can create an isl file:

and run it in interactive mode:
idv -islinteractive <isl file>

This gives you more flexibility in creating displays, loading data with
multiple urls, etc.