Re: Text Annotations/Display

Hi Bob,

The colour table legend can be located: Left, right, top or bottom of the display. Can the text display also be located elsewhere besides from the default bottom? I`m referring to the text that displays the date, map name etc. Getting a bit squashed up at the bottom with several layers on display!! Would be nice to have the colour table legend at the bottom, while the text display runs above a display. Kind of similar to how Unisys display their imagery
Right now we cannot do that. However, we are looking at revamping the in display text display and one of the things
we'll do is look at positioning.

In the latest beta release which will be out soon, we changed the Text shape in the drawing tool so that it can actually render html (including images, links, etc.). We end up getting much better quality and much richer text rendering with this. This effort opened our eyes to the potential to do a similar thing with the display text lists - using html to do the rendering.

We'll keep you all posted.