Re: Interesting dataset I'd like to visualize

  • To: "Gary Strand" <strandwg@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: Interesting dataset I'd like to visualize
  • From: "Tom Whittaker" <tomw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 20:41:20 -0600
Hi Gary...

Since your data is not geo-referenced but you'd like to show
isosurfaces, your best bet would be to use the "Omni Display".  This
is, in essence, one cell of the VisAD Spreadsheet but allows you to
define your mappings of your domain and range to display axes, etc.

The key will be reading the data -- it needs to be in a format that
the IDV or VisAD libaries can recognize and handle...Netcdf is
preferred, but other formats are available as well.

Hope that helps.


On 2/22/07, Gary Strand <strandwg@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've got an interesting dataset I'd like to visualise with IDV - it's
a set of 3 isosurfaces, defined on two axes, time, and a delta-time,
with the surfaces themselves being the correlation coefficient at
each 't' and 'dt'. Strictly speaking, it's not georeferenced, as
there is no longitude/latitude/height coordinate.

I've managed to kludge the data enough to get something from IDV, but
what I'd really like to do is display each isosurface and determine
their intersections.

Any ideas/suggestions/comments?


Gary Strand

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