Re: Boundary

Hi Bob...

The original intent of the wire frame box is to give you a cue for the
3D orientation of the view.  It's easy to get lost in some 3D views!

The domain of the box will be defined by the project you use --
whether it's the projection defined by the data (Projections ->
Auto-set Project) or a projection you select or define yourself.

You may clip the displays at the edges of the wire frame box if you
want (View -> Show -> Clip View at Box).

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,


On 2/15/07, Bob Grieves <britbob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I`m not sure if I`m understanding what the wireframe box/boundary feature is
for? Maybe I have the wrong idea, but I thought it was used to keep the main
display, ie where the contours are plotted within such as in the examples on
the IDV page

The mslp example has the contours neatly inside the wireframe box,
essentially creating a nice border with the outer area empty making a good
place for comments, times etc. However all my plots overspill this wireframe
box and take up the whole display area, especially if I`m plotting a global
grib model.

To achieve this border, do I use the wireframe box?


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