Re: update on trajectory support in idv?

Don Murray wrote:
Hi Nick-

We currently support trajectories with a vertical dimension of
Altitude, but it looks like yours is pressure.  Do you have
an Altitude variable in your file?

Ah no. Why do I need that - I was hoping to use IDV for cyclone tracking (ie no altitude applicable). I should have mentioned a 2D trajectory perhaps? The 3+ dimensions are physical and measured parameters, not part of the location information - more part of.

You also need to select the Data Source Type in the chooser
as a Track File instead of using the default (I'm Feeling Lucky).
For .nc files, the default tries to open it as a grid.

Yes as soon as I selected "track", my .nc file disappears. Stuart W has kindly pointed out that I need to rename the file * for it to show up as a track. It then does (which doesn't seem an obvious feature to me at all - faq entry??), but I get an exception; Could not open trajectory file:C:\Documents and Settings\nick\Desktop\
at at

Looking at the code, it seems like perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree with trajectories, as all but one assume altitude (ie 3D, eg soundings). Perhaps what I'm after is not a trajectory? I'm just after a 2D cyclone track really.

Ta, Nick